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There is always something going on in Halton and St Helens and this is the best place to find out what’s what.
We have catalogued countless activities suitable for everyone from toddlers to their grandparents. Use our search facility to discover what is happening by area or interest. There are even activities online for those who us have grown to love joining in from the comfort of our own home over the last few years.
Take your pick today and let the fun begin!

  • Windmill Snappers Amateur Photography Club

    Every other TUESDAY from 11:00am to 1:00pm | Cost: Free

    Everyone is welcome to attend, with or without a camera. The group often ventures outdoors to nurture their inspiration for photography, taking in the surroundings and capturing them along the way.

    Accessibility – Accessible building
  • Women’s Hub

    Delivered by
    Wednesday 10 am - 12pm | Cost: Free

    Our Women’s Hub runs from our Hive at Plan Bee every Wednesday morning 10.00am – 12 midday.

    The group is for women who need emotional support struggling with their mental health, confidence and selfesteem, coming out of domestic violence relationships, struggling with substance misuse or for women who simply just wanted to chat.

    Our activities range from; yoga, wellbeing, shared reading, arts and crafts and art for beginners.

    We currently offer morning sessions on Wednesday’s to keep everyone connected and feeling positive. We always try to plan new activities and engage with new facilitators and partners to keep things different and have something to look forward to, recently the women have tried out self-defence classes and workshops around setting goals for the future.

    Our women’s hub is open to all women in the St. Helens area. To find out more information get in touch with one of the team on
    T: 01744 612898 or call Hannah on 07788 678051

  • Years Ahead Art Group

    Thursday 10am - 12pm | Cost: Paid

    £5 per session classes include Art, Crafts and Creative Writing Group for local adults.

    Accessibility – Accessible
  • Years Ahead Watercolour Painting Class.

    Wednesdays 10.00am-12.30pm | Cost: Paid

    Watercolour painting classes.

    Accessibility – Accessible building
  • Yoga

    Delivered by
    Thursdays 10-11am | Cost: Paid

    Yoga classes. £3.00 per session.

    Accessibility – Accessible building
  • Yoga

    Delivered by
    Tuesdays 7-8pm | Cost: Paid

    Yoga classes. £6.00 a session.

    Accessibility – Accessible building
  • Yoga

    Delivered by
    Wednesdays 7-8pm | Cost: Paid

    Yoga classes. £6.00 per session.

    Accessibility – Accessible building
  • Yoga

    Delivered by
    Thursdays 10-10.50am | Cost: Paid

    Yoga classes. £6.00 per session.

    Accessibility – Accessible building
  • Yoga

    Delivered by
    Tuesday 7pm-8pm | Cost: Free

    Yoga at Park Farm Community Centre, 54 Kentmere Ave, St Helens, WA11 7PG

    Accessibility – Accessible Building
  • Yoga

    Mondays 10am-11am

    Yoga class.

    Accessibility – Accessible building
  • Yoga

    Mondays 8-9pm Wednesdays 6-7pm | Cost: Paid

    Beginner yoga classes

    Accessibility – Meeting at Chain Lane Community Centre, Hinckley Road WA11 9HT
    8pm Monday
    6pm Wednesday
    Cost £3 can be paid in person or booked online at
  • Yoga Class

    Tuesday & Thursday 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm. Friday 6.30pm - 7.30pm | Cost: Free

    Suitable for all levels.

    Delivered by Come Together Hub CIC

    Accessibility – Accessible building.
  • Young at Heart Group

    Delivered by
    Thursdays 1:00pm-2:30pm | Cost: Free

    This group is running for anybody that can travel to us within St Helens; the age range is from 60+.

    Our aim with this group is to get the older generation back into socially mixing with people since covid has took a toll on them visiting friends/family and being able to do their day-to-day activities.

    During the group sessions we try to involve generalised chit-chat as well as activities to suit everybody’s needs.

    Our Young at Heart Group is on Thursdays 1:00pm-2:30pm from The Hive within Plan Bee.

  • Young Persons Sexual Health Clinic for under 19's

    Every thursday 3.30pm to 6.00pm | Cost: Free

    This young person's clinic is a free and confidential sexual health
    service for young people aged 19 and under. Here, you can find:
    Contraception (including implants) Emergency contraception
    STI information, screening and treatment, Free condoms, advice, guidance and information on a variety of sexual health topics and pregnancy testing

    Accessibility – Accessible building
  • Youth Drama Group (for ages 8-19)

    Delivered by
    Wednesdays from 5.30 – 7.00pm | Cost: Free

    Creating and performing new pieces of theatre and film, exploring bullying, drug awareness, sexuality and gender.

    Accessibility – Accessible building
  • Youth Project (youth activities 11-15 years)

    Tuesdays 6pm-8pm | Cost: Free

    Weekly projects-based activities to engage young people Aged 11-15
    (school years 7-10).

    Accessibility – Accessible building
  • Zipper Club stay active after a heart attack

    Thursdays 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Cost: Free

    To encourage those who may be recovering from cardiac surgery or who suffer heart problems to get more active become part of the community again. Help and support for those at all stages of fitness and recovery, e.g. from bypass surgery. All welcome.

    Accessibility – Accessible building
  • Zumba Gold at Crownway

    Every Monday morning (10.45am – 11.45am) | Cost: Paid

    £3.50 per week. Ideal for – but not exclusive to – the active older participant. Low impact and easy to follow routines.

    Accessibility – Accessible building