Vision and Values

Our Vision is:

A strong voluntary and community sector that is dynamic, responsive, diverse and improves the quality of life for local people and communities.

Our Core Values:

Freedom is about being independent as an organisation and as a sector and about choosing a course of action or direction of travel without being constrained by external forces or the expectations of others, self-determination is prized.

Freedom is not about being isolationist nor is it about always standing alone irrespective of the issue or challenge or situation.

Nurture is about providing the optimum conditions for a group to flourish. It is about taking care over relationships internally and externally and providing support that enables others to grow; positive change is always possible.

Nurture is not about doing things for others nor is it about creating dependency on individuals or services.

Excellence is about doing the best we can with what we’ve got to achieve high quality outcomes, it is about demonstrating respect in relationships internally and externally and behaving professionally in all that we do.

Excellence is not about walking away from a challenge because it may appear too difficult, nor is it about only choosing to do those things we already know we can do well.

Pioneering is about being willing to turn our hands to new things and about being resourceful in tackling opportunities and in seeking and securing resources, it is about being prepared to explore and to be among the first in new fields of practice.

Pioneering is not about trail blazing for the sake of novelty or status nor is it about abandoning traditional ways of working just because they have been around for a while. 

Having HSVCA means that grassroots organisations can be supported and developed appropriately and professionally without losing their kindness, compassion and initial purpose.  This means our community can thrive and flourish.

- Nicola Donoghue from Widnes & Runcorn Cancer Support Centre