Fully-funded Supporting Bereaved Men and Boys Awareness Training

4 June 2024


As part of Men’s Health Week, 10th to16th June, Child Bereavement UK are delivering fully-funded training to those who live or work in Halton exploring  how male grief can appear and the stereo types around men and grief.

The three-hour course is free, taking place on Friday 14th June and is available to those living or working in Halton who would benefit from this training.


You will:

  • Explore how male grief can appear and the stereotypes around men and grief
  • Understand the factors that might affect the way that men grieve
  • Examine the different ways men grieve
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the theories of loss and grief in relation to men
  • Look at different ways to engage men and boys
  • Gain information about Child Bereavement UK and other support organisations, and resources available.


Please click the link below to register.