Bereavement Services Open Day - St Helens Cemetery & Crematorium

9 June 2023


Sunday 25th June 2023 10.00am - 3.00pm

Ever had a question on bereavement, cremation, or burial, that you would like answering? Would you like to understand more about how the St Helens Bereavement Services services operate? Or have a guided tour of the Crematorium. Now is your chance!

St Helens Bereavement Services are holding an open day to help raise public awareness on bereavement and the local services available to you. Why not come along to their open day meet with the Bereavement Services Team, The Friends of St Helens Cemetery community group, local Funeral Directors and other partners. Take part in a tour of the Crematorium & Cemetery, hear about the history of St Helens Cemetery & Crematorium and also browse the exhibits and stands available on the day.

Contact the Bereavement Services Team on 01744 677405 for more information.

Or visit: