Autism Friendly Vaccine Clinic - Runcorn

9 November 2023


 The Autism Wellbeing Project CIC are now in a position where they can now open up their autism friendly vaccine clinic to those aged 16+ and their parents/carers. You don’t have to be diagnosed to access this clinic.   To book in for your Covid and/or Flu vaccination you need to follow these steps.  Please note that this clinic cannot provide the flu vaccine to under 18s ONLY the Covid vaccine;


 Choose which slot you would like and book on following these links:

5-6pm slots-

6-7pm slots-


Make sure you fill in the Google Form.  You do not need to book on through the NHS booking system, or anywhere else.   

Here is the Google Form;


Have a look at the video on the Eventbrite if you would like to see where you are going and what it looks like.


If there is anything else The Autism Wellbeing Project can do to help, just let them know! 




Autism Friendly Vaccination Clinic - runcorn