Wonder In the Street - St Helens

12 June 2024


Wonder Arts would like to invite you to "Wonder In the Street"; a free event for families coming to Church Square, St Helens on Saturday 22nd June.

The local charity is delighted to present a whole day of eco-themed shows and crafts that will capture the imagination of the whole family and inspire all ages to live wonderfully green.

All absolutely FREE and all absolutely WONDERFUL!


Altered Scale Theatre present: Queen Beeatrice

10.30am, 12.50pm & 3.00pm

Queen Beeatrice is on a royal visit with her two beautiful worker bees. She will knight the  common grubs she meets with her flower staff, and grace any event with her presence.

Apples and Snakes present: Plot-17

11.00am & 1.20pm

Join underground hip-hop hero and eco-warrior Kenny Baraka AKA The Green Man and his DJ, D’Vo as they travel the world raising awareness, inspiring action and spreading the message of “making things green”. With a soundtrack guaranteed to make you want to plant a tree and sure to help the seeds grow.

Gemma Bond presents: Pirate Princess

11.40am & 2.00pm

Poor Princess Poppy has been shipwrecked and finds herself stranded on a desert island in a most cumbersome ball gown. Try as she might, her unwieldy dress prevents her from climbing the mast to see where the nearest land is

The show looks at the impact of fast fashion in the modern world and encourages the audience to reuse, recycle and reinvent.

Story Craft Theatre presents: This Tree Belong to Me

12.05pm & 2.25pm

It’s a very, VERY special day in the Story Craft Garden. The creatures are all meeting by the great tree for a party...it’s going to be huge and everyone is invited, including you! The only problem is, there is one owl who is less than welcoming, especially towards anyone who looks different from him!

This highly visual show integrates Makaton sign language throughout and is packed full of enchanting puppetry, colourful characters, games, music and lots of interactive fun exploring the value of inclusivity as well as the importance of nature in our surroundings.

A show packed full of clever puppetry, colourful characters, games and interactive fun for all the family.