Safer Halton Partnership - New Strategy 2024 - 2027

2 February 2024


In the last few months, Safer Halton Partnership have been preparing their strategy for 2024-2027. As part of this process they have identified the following 9 priorities which will be a focus for the partnership during this time. These priorities have emerged through a data led process and are evidence based so hopefully already reflect the thoughts of the local community. However, the partnership is open to hearing your thoughts on the above and will consider any other suggestions.  If you would like to bring these to their attention please email by 16th February.


The priorities are (in no particular order)


  1. Anti-Social Behaviour
  2. Domestic Abuse and Violence against Women & Girls
  3. Serious and Organised Crime
  4. Integrated Offender Management
  5. Counter Terrorism/Prevent
  6. Hate Crime
  7. Substance Misuse
  8. Serious Violence
  9. Road Safety