TLC are hiring! - Halton Community Engagement Co-ordinator

29 February 2024

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT CO-ORDINATOR (fixed term position to March 2025 subject to continued funding)

  • Hours: full time, part time or variable – we’re interested to hear from you. While the role may involve work across the City Region, we’re especially looking for someone who has an extensive working knowledge of the Halton area.
  • Location: various, depending on the delivery (limited online) you must be mobile and flexible, willing to travel, be out and about more than you are in!
  • Pay: C £25,000 or equivalent and open to discussion
  • Reporting to: Director of Operations

To co-ordinate and promote and run community engagement activities to encourage unemployed people who are not currently in paid employment, to connect, participate and progress on to training, coaching, employability or work-related support such as placements and volunteering. This is a team and a place where you can shine, where you can exercise your knowledge and experience.

 1. Design, deliver, review and continually improve a programme of interesting and varied engagement activities in community settings, for people to connect with, enjoy, and grow in confidence

 2. Be creative, making activities a great, enriching, relevant experience for all those involved. Activities could be an hour, or half a day, one off or over a few weeks: we are open to ideas, your skills, connections and repeating the things that work, ditching the things that don’t.

 3. Actively promote TLC across community settings, so that people are aware of our work and how we can support them

 4. Plan all logistics and deliver activities that help people take part. We know we will meet people who are struggling with their mental health, they’ve been referred to us by their GP, through social prescribing or other local groups. You will be co-ordinating the activity, bringing in our trained coaches to provide more in-depth support, linking to other organisations, or arrange links with wellbeing activities that exist in other organisations. The aim is that people from all backgrounds and situations in life will have somewhere they can reflect, build new confidence, learn techniques that support them every day.

 5. Apply the data collection and review processed we need; you will be shown how. 

For full details of the job role and how to apply click on the link below: