...SPACE CIC Director Vacancies

31 May 2024


…SPACE CIC are looking for passionate, committed and dynamic leaders to join the Board of Directors and help  to drive the organisation forward.

Directors will be asked to bring expertise, experience and skills that can support the work of the organisation. They are particularly interested in those who can bring specific knowledge of social enterprise, mental health & psychology, training & qualifications or finance & strategic planning. However they are open to anyone who brings enthusiasm for what they do and can help to create exciting new plans for the future.

As a Director you are likely to attend 6 board meetings annually, as well as other occasional team days and celebratory events within a 12 month period. Please note that this is a voluntary role, so there will be no payment. As a volunteer, it will be an opportunity for you to experience social enterprise management and use your skills to make a difference to people’s lives.


As a Director of …SPACE you will be required to work with the Board of Directors to:

• Ensure the organisation is carrying out it’s purposes for the public benefit and in accordance with its aims and objectives

• Comply with the organisation’s governing document and the law, and act in the best interest of …SPACE to enable the organisation to carry out its purposes

• Assist in the management of the organisation’s resources, financial and otherwise, and ensure the organisation is accountable.

To apply, please email …SPACE CEO – Caroline Moss at caroline@spaceruncorn.co.uk stating why you are interested in the role, and how you feel your skills make you suitable for the position.

The deadline for application is 28th June 2024.

All applicants will be considered carefully and then contacted for further discussion if required.

They aim to have at least two new Directors in post by July 2024