Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 (15 - 21 May)

12 May 2023


Each Year a theme is set by the Mental Health Foundation, the theme this year is ‘Anxiety'. St Helens Wellbeing Service, have put together a timetable of activities to help you to improve or maintain your wellbeing.

We are living in unpredictable times which can cause us to experience stressful feelings.  We know it’s easy to say but try not to beat yourself up. In any year 1 in 4 people may experience mental ill health, so if you’re feeling anxious, you are not on your own!  If we beat ourselves up, this can add to our stressful feelings.  Anxiety can make us feel uneasy, worried or fearful and this can impact on our mental and physical wellbeing and on our daily life. 

So, what can we do to help ourselves and those around us with feelings of anxiety?  Connecting with St Helens Wellbeing can lessen the chance of our wellbeing being affected negatively. The service is based around 5 Ways to Wellbeing, which has been shown to help people to have better physical and mental wellbeing. 

St Helens Wellbeing is made up of 10 different Services, each of which can support different aspects of wellbeing.  They can support with healthy eatinggetting activeweight managementstop smokinghealth checksinfant feedingmental wellbeingsocial wellbeingoral health and volunteering opportunities.

Their Social Wellbeing team follows a Social Prescribing approach (anything non-medical which can support your wellbeing).  They can support to help to reduce your stress and anxiety in many ways, including linking you to support for worries you may have about money or keeping your home warm, for example.

They are encouraging everyone who lives or works in St Helens, or has a St Helens GP to join them for FREE activities during Mental Health Awareness Week. Please see the attached timetable or click on the timetable of events for more information.

Their qualified staff lead walks, many of which go past their Happy to Chat Benches, host Men’s Wellbeing activity sessions and allotment and other activities such as Time for Me, all of which can help to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety. For more details, please click on timetable of events.

Please see their Mental Health Awareness Week webpage and their service webpage for more information.  Alternatively, please visit their contacts page or call them on 01744 371111.