Meet Vikki Quirk, Our New Community Link Support Worker

21 September 2023


May I take the opportunity to officially announce my transition from my previous role as Healthy & Home Link Support Worker in Warrington Hospital to a new community based role.

 I am now a Community Link Support Worker in an initiative that has been commissioned by Bridgewater with the providers being Helens VCA and Warrington Voluntary Action.

 The main purpose and aim of my role is to support Bridgewater Community Teams in Halton, fostering connection with community services and enhancing local health initiatives.

 I will be receiving  referrals from patients in need of social input, to bridge the gap between clinical care and community services, building relationships with patients, reducing  isolation and promoting community engagement, strengthening existing community services and nurturing new groups. With the aim of improving health and wellbeing  in local communities, increasing patient referrals to community groups directly from Bridgewater services and  enhancing the patient transition experience.

 Hence, I would like to thank all of the groups who have already been a massive support in my Healthy & Home role and further look forward to maintaining these relationships and establishing new links as a Community  Link Support Worker with Bridgewater.

If you would like to contact Vikki to find out more about her role: