Thinking About Volunteers or Volunteering?


Taking volunteers into your organisation can make a massive difference not only to you but to your service users and the volunteers.  Don’t take our word for it, read what a volunteer and a volunteer involving organisation think:

The Volunteer

I enjoyed working at the playscheme. It was fun watching and playing with the children. I found it very enjoyable. The children were all well-mannered and polite. The playscheme staff were so kind and friendly, they all made me feel very welcome.

I enjoyed volunteering over the summer as it gave me something to do, rather than just sitting at home all day doing nothing. It made me challenge myself, as you cannot talk to children the way you do with your friends or adults. You have to think like them, and almost put yourself in their shoes. When we got to the last session, I was sad, because I did not want it to end.

If you find yourself having nothing to do, I cannot recommend volunteering enough to you. If you are a student, it looks great to your college, and it is something that looks good on your CV. It also gives back to your community and, in the end; you could be making an impact on someone’s life.    

The Organisation

Just emailing to say we were delighted to receive 2 responses to our 'advert' for our Summer Playscheme at Chain Lane Community Centre. One of the respondents gained employment and so wasn't able to join us, but one volunteer joined us and was an excellent addition to our staff team. She has asked to join us again next year - and offered her services for other volunteering at the Centre. We hope she will become a regular member of our Summer Playscheme staff.


This really demonstrates the value of recruiting through the Volunteer Centre in St. Helens.

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