St Helens Borough Local Plan Main Modifications Consultation

Explanation of the Local Plan and Main Modifications

The new Local Plan will set out how much new development for housing, employment and other uses should take place in the Borough, where this development should take place and policies to be taken account of when assessing planning applications. Once adopted, the Local Plan will be used to guide development in the Borough.

The Council submitted the St Helens Borough Local Plan Submission 2020-2035 Submission Draft for Examination in October 2020, and two Planning Inspectors were appointed. As part of this, a series of public hearing sessions were held in May and June 2021. The Inspectors have now considered all the evidence put before them (both written and verbal) from all interested parties. As a consequence, the Inspectors have identified a number of Main Modifications to be made to the Local Plan Submission Draft in order for it to be found ‘sound’ in accordance with national policy. In accordance with the relevant legislation, consultation is now being undertaken on them. These proposed Main Modifications are provided without prejudice to the Inspectors’ final conclusions, which will be provided in their Report in due course.

How can I view the Proposed Main Modifications and submit representations?

The relevant consultation documents include the Proposed Main Modifications Schedule, the Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulation Assessment of the proposed Main Modifications, along with the St Helens Borough Local Plan Submission Draft 2020-2035 and the associated Policies Map.

These documents are available to view on the dedicated Local Plan Main Modifications webpage: Hard copy versions of these documents are also available to view within the stated opening times at all libraries currently open in St. Helens Borough (see for library details).

Further documents for background information are available via the main Examination Library page on the Council’s website.

You may submit comments (known as ‘representations’) on the Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications. Representations must be sent:

All representations must be received by 5pm on Thursday 13 th January 2022.

Please note that late representations cannot be accepted.

It is recommended that comments are made by completing the Council’s Representation Form. It is available to download from the Council’s website at

Alternatively, you can contact the Planning Policy Team on 01744 676190.

Next steps

Following the end of this consultation, all representations received within the consultation period will be collated and sent on to the Planning Inspectors for their consideration. The Council will then await further correspondence from the Inspectors regarding the next step in the process. The Local Plan Examination News page will be kept up to date with respect to the following steps.


The full letter from St Helens Council can be found in the attachment below.



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