St. Helens Bereavement Service - Closure of Service Provision

We have received a very sad message from St Helens Bereavement Service letting us know that the service is closing and no longer accepting clients.  The St Helens Bereavement Service was originally set up as a sister project of St Helens CVS and we worked very closely together for many years.  Everyone at Halton & St Helens VCA would like to thank the Bereavement Service for their membership and input over the many years we worked together.  The full message from Barbara Swift, St Helens Bereavement Service Chair, can be found below.

With deep regret and sadness the Trustees of St. Helens Bereavement Service wish to notify the local community that they are unable to continue to operate a service of support for local bereaved people.

Over the past few years our funding has been reducing at the same time as we have experienced difficulty in recruiting enough volunteers to sustain the service and Trustees to oversee its governance.

The recent changes in both Government and Charity Commission legislation has placed an added burden on our very stretched resources and we have finally decided that we can no longer sustain our service at the level we need to.

St. Helens Bereavement Service was established in 1983/84 as a project of St. Helens Council for Voluntary Service (now known as Halton and St. Helens VCA). The Service achieved charitable status in October 1986 and over a period of 33 years has provided help and support to well over 6,000 local bereaved people.  The service also established two social support groups one in St. Helens which only closed down two years ago and another in Rainford which still operates but on a limited basis.

The trustees would like to take the opportunity of thanking all its colleagues in other organisations that have helped and supported our work  over the years in particular Halton and St. Helens VCA who, for many years, provided our operational base.

Consultations have been held with the Local Authority and the Clinical Commissioning Group (statutory funders of the organisation) and they are hopeful that Willowbrook Hospice will take on some parts of the role our organisation has provided for so many years.

St. Helens Bereavement Service has already ceased accepting new referrals although we continue to support our existing clients. However from the end of June the service will cease to operate any form or service. 

We would be grateful if you would amend your records by removing our organisation as a referral agency for bereaved people.

A SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the Trustees will take place on Monday the 20th  May at. 10.a.m in the Deafness Resource Centre the purpose of which will be to propose the Dissolution of the Charity.

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