Procedure for Reporting Safeguarding Children Issues in Halton

An agency in Halton recently raised a concern that it can take a significant time to get through to the Contact Centre when trying to access Children’s Social Care, therefore guidance is being circulated to ensure that everyone is aware of the correct procedure and the correct contact number, please see below:

Anyone ringing with Safeguarding concerns for children in Halton should use the number 0151 907 8305.  If at all possible try to avoid the busiest times which are Monday Morning and 9am to 10am every day; however Halton Safeguarding Unit recognise that the nature of these calls means that often that choice cannot be made.  Please stay on the line and wait in the queue where possible rather than hanging up and redialling a couple of minutes later as often this just prolongs your wait as you will be effectively placing yourselves at the back of the queue each time.

If having followed the above guidelines you still experience a delay, please ask for a Team Leader so that they can look into the issue at the time and address any concerns you have.

If you have any queries regarding this or would like to raise any issues please do not hesitate to contact Lucy Unsworth, Contact Centre Manager on 0151 511 7098 or email,


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