One Halton Board Minutes, 19.11.18

The main focus of the meeting was the 6 “Priority Programmes”. They are:

1.      Healthy Streets

Develop a Healthy Streets programme that builds on the work of the Well North Programme and being dementia friendly and takes forward the whole systems approach to healthy weight.

2.      Making Every Contact Count

Build a prevention culture within providers by embedding Making Every Contact Count at scale.

3.      One Halton Population Health Framework

Pilot the One Halton Population Health Framework model for Primary Care Hubs.

4.      Workplace Health Programme

Develop a Workplace Health Programme across Halton that enables employees to stay well and supports more people with health conditions and disability to remain in the labour market, to support productivity, reduce non-clinical demands on primary care and to reduce the flow of people who move onto long-term sickness and disability benefits.

5.      Social and Emotional Health Programme for Young People

Develop a social and emotional health programme for young people in education aged 16 – 22 years commencing with Halton College.

6.      Physical Activity

Build on the current work for physical activity by promoting and engaging people in every walk of life at scale.

Attendees stated what they were currently doing and how they might “fit into” or under one of the priorities.

At the end of the meeting, Chair Person Eileen O’Meara asked everyone present to consider which priority their work best fitted under.

At Halton & St Helens VCA, we want make our member organisations aware of the priorities and to ask them if they are delivering any projects which could be seen as contributing towards one of the 6 priorities.

If your VCSE organisation is delivering a project which you think should be taken into consideration, please contact Lynne Woods via before Friday 7th December.

If you have any questions about the One Halton Board, please feel free to contact VCA Chief Executive, Sally Yeoman via



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