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Sahir House is very excited to announce the successful appointment of their new Chief Executive Officer, Helen Wilkinson.

Helen was born in Liverpool, and currently lives in North Wales. She is an experienced Director and CEO working with Boards and teams in the public, voluntary and social enterprise sectors in executive and non-executive roles at the national and community level.

Her expertise spans leadership and management, governance, policy, media, communications, strategy, service transformation and programme delivery. 

Read more on their website here:


Are you somebody with experience and knowledge of Legal systems relevant to the charity sector?

Being a trustee is a great way of making a real difference to a charity. Trustees are volunteers who take on the responsibility to govern an organisation and then act collectively in its best interests. As a trustee you have the ultimate legal responsibility for directing the affairs of a charity and as such, play a key role in its growth and success.

At Willowbrook Hospice, the trustees are responsible for ensuring that the charity meets its stated purpose and aims ensuring that it is both solvent and well-run. So it isn’t always about what happens day to day; it is also about seeing and understanding the ‘bigger picture’.

How do trustees make decisions?

Through participating in Board meetings currently scheduled to take place 6 times a year. All the dates are circulated well in advance and it is hoped that trustees attend all of these board meetings. Agendas, minutes and information papers are sent to trustees in advance of each meeting which allows time for reading before the meeting to promote the opportunity for debate and decision. This collective decision making means that all trustees actively support the outcome of discussions, regardless of their individual decisions. It is then the responsibility of the Executive Management Team to ensure the implementation of these decisions.


Some specific tasks are delegated to smaller sub-groups that are held every two months. These are chaired by a trustee but also comprise trustees, directors or managers and others with relevant and specialist knowledge. These currently focus on key areas such as Finance, HR, Digital and Technology, Income Steering and Clinical Assurance. Trustees would normally be expected to join one or more of the sub-groups.

Willowbrook has undergone significant change in recent years and with the reopening of our services and events, we have the need for regular advice and guidance on many legal matters. Consequently, they are seeking to recruit a trustee with particular skills and experience in Legal systems to complement the skills they currently have represented on the Board

For further information and to arrange a conversation with their Chair, please contact Catherine Hutton, Executive PA to the Corporate Director: or on 0151 430 8736


A NEW initiative to encourage more members of the public to take up sign language as an extra language and skill, is now available to residents of Cheshire.  The Signs4Life scheme is to help people to communicate and engage with children and adults who may be hard of hearing. 

Tabassum, Signs4Life partnerships officer, explains “There are more than nine million hard of hearing people registered in the UK. We have already worked with social workers, housing staff, teachers, the local NHS, and Royal Mail. We wanted to open our programs to the general public, who might also have an interest in learning sign language, especially now that many people are stuck at home during this third lockdown. We are offering a free 6-week BSL program, which you can enjoy and access from the comfort of your homes, delivered through Zoom”.

Signs4Life is leading efforts towards a society in which people with disabilities have full access and are working to raise the public and political awareness of disability provision. 

For more details on the free community program for Cheshire, starting in June, please book via their website for    "The Hotpots" group, starting on Monday 7th June 2021


Small Charity - Big Space Event - Tuesday 15th June starting at 10am

Community spaces are often at the heart of their community providing places to meet and activities to engage the people in the locality. The last year has been difficult for everyone, and the future whilst bright is still uncertain. This is an opportunity to pause, reflect and consider how your organisation can become more resilient and robust moving forward

Community Matters are holding an online advice event for organisations running community spaces on Big Advice day. The event will bring together a range of specialist support providing you with an opportunity to network, talk, and get advice, information and support (answer questions) about. 
•    Governance
•    Health and Safety
•    Income generation
•    Safeguarding
•    Proving your worth
•    Trustee Recruitment

And other subjects to be finalised

This FREE event will take place online using zoom.  To book a place, please click on the link below at
This event is being run as part of Small Charities Week



Maximum Edge CIC have made a short video about the work they did during covid and the various stages of lockdown



Please get in touch if you want to know more: @MaxEdgeCIC. 

This is an exciting opportunity for someone with a comprehensive understanding of managing finances in a charity which operates within complex, multi-donor programmes. A sound knowledge of accounting, taxation and other compliance requirements for charities.

The Finance Officer will be responsible for preparing financial statements, monthly management accounts, maintaining cash controls, purchasing, maintaining accounts payable and budget preparation.

This is a part-time position, with 7 hours of work per week.

Applicants will need to be a qualified / part-qualified accountant, or qualified by experience with sound knowledge of practical book keeping and accounting principles.

For further information email the CEO -

For more information about Apex Trust and the work they do, please see the link below:


Our Colleagues at Halton Borough Council have asked us to share the following information:

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place every May to raise awareness of mental health and mental health problems and inspire action to promote the message of good mental health for all. Every year has a different theme.

This year Mental Health UK is inviting everyone to immerse themselves in the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ while reconnecting with nature across the week.

The 5 ways to wellbeing are simple activities you can do in your everyday live to improve your mental health and wellbeing

This toolkit (see attachment below) includes ideas and activities you can promote throughout the week on social media to raise awareness of  5 ways to wellbeing simple activities we can all do to boost our mood and help us feel good.

Good mental wellbeing doesn't mean that you will never experience situations you find difficult, but it does mean that you might have resilience to cope when things get tough

Please join us to help raise awareness of the simple things we can all do to boost our mood and help us feel good

Regards the Halton Health Improvement Team

The Gas Safe Charity runs free, on line 'Think CO' workshops to raise awareness of carbon monoxide (CO) risks in the homes of vulnerable people. They are aimed at those staff and volunteers who provide support in the home. After the training you will be more aware of the sources, signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and understand what to do if you suspect a CO incident. Earlier this year a member of the North Yorkshire County Council's reablement team was visiting a client, only a few weeks after attending the Think CO workshop. He spotted a gas fire showing signs that it was not working properly and the client described headaches, nausea and dizziness. After an emergency visit from a Gas Safe registered engineer, the fire was condemned because it was leaking carbon monoxide. This is an example of why this training is so important; it raises awareness and it can save lives.

If you or a team member would like to participate in a free, hour long Think CO workshop please click on this link to book: 



Healthwatch St Helens are currently running two surveys, one a follow on from their covid survey at the start of the pandemic, the new one is to capture your exexperiences of how the COVID-19 pandemic has and is now affecting you and your families. The second survey is to find out peoples experiences of using maternatiy services during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The links below will take you to the survey:

Covid 19 survey:

Maternatiy Services:

Our colleagues from Halton Borough Council’s External Funding Team have prepared some Funding Bulletins containing valuable information for voluntary organisations looking for grants to get projects off the ground.

The Monthly funding bulletins offering information on funding opportunities in the following areas:

Arts, Community & Voluntary, Environment & Heritage, European, Faith, Health, Schools, Sports and Youth.

To access the information, please click on the link below:

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