Healthwatch St Helens


What is Healthwatch?

Healthwatch is your local watchdog for health and social care services, giving you a voice and making sure your views are heard about the services you use.

What does Healthwatch St Helens do?

Our job is to give local people the opportunity to influence the delivery and design of their local services.

Healthwatch St Helens:

  • Provides information to the public about local health and social care services and signposts people to other organisations who can advise and support them
  • Gather views and experiences of local people about the services they have used and highlight trends and gaps in services
  • Influences the way services are designed, set up and comments on performance
  • Has a seat on the People’s Board to contribute to local strategy
  • Has the power to ‘Enter & View’ health and social care services to offer the community’s views on the service they are delivering and make recommendations for change
  • Passes on information to other local Healthwatch, Healthwatch England and the Care Quality Commission

Current Work:

In 2016, Healthwatch St Helens asked our members and people from our local communities what areas of health & care services they felt we should look at.

The top areas were:

  • Mental health - this has resulted in a task and finish group focusing on access to services and identifying gaps.
  • Access to services for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder – this has resulted in a task and finish group that is finding out what people’s experiences have been of trying to get a diagnosis and access the right support.

We’re also working with our partners at the CCG to encourage local people to make the right choices about where to access treatment for their healthcare needs and joining with other local Healthwatch to find out what prompts people to use A&E.

Our work is decided by what’s important to local people and what they are telling us.  


You can join Healthwatch St Helens and receive a monthly newsletter containing information events, consultations and what’s happening locally around health and social care. It’s free and you can get involved with the work we do as little or as often as you want to.

Volunteer with us. You can:

  • Attend meetings on our behalf on issues that you are interested in.
  • Join our Enter & View team and help to improve services in GP practices, care homes and other health and social care settings.
  • Help us to reach your communities by spreading the word about who we are and what we do.
  • Bring back patient experiences to help us identify areas of concern and gaps in services and encourage other people to share their stories with us.

Help Us To Help You:

Have your say about the local health and social care services in St Helens. We need to collect your experiences to help providers to know what they’re doing well and what they need to improve. 

We want to hear the good stories as well as the bad so we can pass them on to the right Hospital Trust or care provider without passing on your details.

Without your feedback, services and those who provide them won't know what they’re doing well, where they are going wrong or how to make things better for the people of St Helens.

Contact us at:

Healthwatch St. Helens, c/o Halton & St Helens VCA, 2nd Floor Beacon Building, College Street, St Helens WA10 1TF

Tel. 0300 111 0007  




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