Gemma - Ward Volunteer at Whiston Hospital

I have gained the work that I’ve wanted to achieve throughout my life

Gemma came to St. Helens Volunteer Centre wanting to volunteer with children or in a hospital environment. She had spent many years going in and out of children’s hospital whilst growing up and wanted to help people in a similar situation. Gemma has a learning difficulty and also some health conditions. She wanted some support choosing organisations and visiting them.

Gemma was interested in the opportunities at the Children’s Centres and also at Whiston hospital. I spoke to the Participation worker at the Children’s centre and arranged for Gemma to meet up with her to find out more about the voluntary opportunities before she applied.

Gemma was unsure what she wanted to do after visiting the Children’s Centre and came back into the Volunteer Centre to discuss her options. Together we sent a volunteer application off to Whiston hospital and I booked Gemma on their induction. After the induction Gemma decided this was defiantly what she wanted to do. Due to her health conditions she had to attend a medical with Occupational Health to see which roles would be suitable for her in the hospital. Gemma was cleared to be a volunteer on the Elderly peoples ward, as this would not involve too much walking around. I discussed this with her, as she originally wanted to volunteer with children. She was happy with this role and understood why some limitations of roles had been put in place due to her health. The Volunteer Manager from Whiston met with Gemma and myself at the Volunteer Centre to chat about the role and also to complete the DBS (Police records) check.

Gemma attended the mandatory training and with all checks back she began volunteering on the Geriatric ward at Whiston hospital. She is enjoying her voluntary work and has just put in a request for extra hours.

Gemma said “Thank you sooo much for getting me sorted with my work at Whiston!! I really do appreciate it. I am enjoying my volunteering and hoping to do more hours at the hospital each week. I have gained the work that I’ve wanted to achieve throughout my life”

Gemma was supported and kept informed throughout the process of becoming a hospital volunteer by the Volunteer Centre. This helped her to overcome barriers and achieve her goals. She has grown in confidence, become less isolated and learnt new skills by becoming a valuable volunteer at Whiston hospital.




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