Engagement St Helens

Our work across St Helens to represent the sector is dependent upon a broad schedule of engagement with groups. Our designated Engagement Officer for St Helens ensures that the lines of communication between the sector and our public sector partners are as clear and effective as possible.

Halton and St Helens VCA have strong links within the St Helens borough through close relationships and membership on a wide range of boards and involvement groups, to ensure the voice of the sector is always loud and clear. We offer various routes throughout the year for groups to get involved with consultation, through events and online correspondence.

Our Engagement Officer and Chief Officer play an integral role within multi-agency development of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. This is a governmental requirement on local councils to produce a document every 3 years which sets out the health and social care needs of the borough and informs commissioning priorities. We believe that the grass roots data that our sector provides from within our communities is crucial to this process and so we ensure that the contribution we make is always well informed.

We represent the sector in St Helens on the following Strategic Boards:

  • St Helens CCG Patient Engagement and Involvement Group
  • St Helens Autism Service Development Group
  • St Helens JSNA Operational Group
  • St Helens Healthy Living Forum
  • St Helens Health and Wellbeing Board
  • St Helens Cares Implementation Groups

For questions regarding health and representation in St Helens please contact Catherin Cahalin at ccahalin@haltonsthelensvca.org.uk

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