Coronvirus / COVID - 19 update for the VCSE Organisations

We want our members to know that we know how difficult things are currently with putting your own plans in place & thinking about how you continue to provide much needed support. As well as doing that ourselves we are working with local public sector partners in the 2 Boroughs and across the LCR. It's a worrying time and we know not just because of health. We are working with @vs6news and other colleagues to do all we can to make financial support available to respond to the emergency and to make sure groups don't close. Please continue to work with us to tell us what's going on for you and to let us know what help you are likely to need. Stay safe & well from all of us @HSHVCA

In the past few days we have been doing a number of things.

Supporting local resilience planning in Halton & St Helens - there have been initial meetings with a few key organisations about emergency plans and arrangements but we will be trying to share information on our website and to keep you up to date with who you need to connect to and how you can get involved. We will attempt to connect more groups into this over the next few days, once we have organised our capacity at VCA

Volunteering - as part of the above we have mobilised at short notice our new volunteering portal to attempt to provide a central resource for people wanting to help out and for groups to get support they might need over the next few months. It wasn’t ready and so it’s taken a mammoth effort by our staff to get this off the ground.

Influencing - we know that the anxiety is not just about health and our local sector is not as resilient as it once was. We are working with both Councils and with our colleagues at a Liverpool City Region level to make sure the sector and its needs are considered in emergency plans and can access funding to build capacity and ensure resilience.

Getting ourselves ready - like everyone else we need to put some plans in place in case we need to work from home. We will still be here and available but won’t necessarily have St Maries or our office at the Beacon open to the public.

Our work at Warrington & Halton Hospital - working with our partners there to develop a plan.

We know you need information and we will do our best to start sending a weekly update on any key issues. Please flag up anything you think we need to do or include in these. In the next day or two we have a more detailed note about who at VCA is leading what and how you contact us to get engaged or involved.

If you have volunteering requirements please register them here 

and also encourage people wanting to help out to do that safely by registering here .

We are expecting Government guidance soon on volunteering and how we can all help out safely.

If you aren’t on twitter I would suggest now is the time to join. It will help you keep up to date with our posts but also what’s happening in the sector and local authorities quickly and easily.

Finally we have a number of things on our website to try and pull together information relevant for groups. There are 2 web forms there asking what you are doing so we can update the local offer and asking what emergency help or support you might need either to do more or to stay afloat as a result of having to close or cease temporarily.

Stay safe and keep in touch with us

Sally Yeoman

Chief Officer

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Halton & St Helens VCA is an infrastructure organisation that provides advice, information and development support services to voluntary, community, not-for-profit and faith organisations and volunteers in the Boroughs of St Helens and Halton.