Coronavirus / COVID - 19 update for the VCSE Organisations 22nd June 2020

Halton and St Helens VCA

If you need a contact for our volunteering portal and volunteering during the Covid-19 response across both Boroughs it’s Claire Redford-Kerr

If you need a contact for the Covid-19 response in St Helens it’s Annie Lawrenson

If you need a contact for the Covid-19 response in Halton it’s Matthew Roberts

You can also contact Sally Yeoman our Chief Officer for issues in both Boroughs. She will also be picking up LCR work with VS6 colleagues

For comms/website and information queries contact  or

Our phones will be redirected and you will be able to contact us by using our usual numbers 01744 457100 / 01928 592405

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Below is the latest news / updates for VCSE organisations in Halton and St Helens 


VCA need your feedback

During the peak of the covid-19 pandemic, it was important that we shared information and updates on a daily basis to members to support their rapid response during the first 3 months of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.  We put on hold our regular fortnightly ebulletin and replaced it with a daily covid-19 mailing.  

Over the last couple of weeks that information has lessened and we are reviewing the needs and regularity of those daily mailings and the benefits of returning to our fortnightly e-bulletin.  We would like to know your views.  

The link below will take you to a very short survey (2 questions) which will help us to decide what would be best for our newsletter readers.


Small Charities Week

Although Small Charites Week finished on Saturday 20th June we have included Day 6 to sign off the week. 

Day 6 - Appreciation Day 

Annie Lawrenson shares her thoughts on Leadership and shares her appreciation for a few people she feels shows these qualities, click here to ready the full article.

You can also see a round up of the week on our home page.


St Helens SOBs Group Virtual Meeting - 23rd June at 7.30pm

Please share with those bereaved by suicide who wish to link in with Derek and the peer to peer support of the St Helens Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBs) Group.  Contact Derek on the SOBs mobile and he will send you the link to the virtual meeting on 23rd June at 7.30pm.  Phone number 07580 358312


NHS St Helens CCG

North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NWB) North West Boroughs Healthcare has upgraded its existing 24/7 mental health crisis lines to freephone numbers. This means they are now free to call from both landlines and mobile phones. The new dedicated phone numbers are:

· 0800 051 1508 for people living in Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington

· 0800 051 3253 for people living in Wigan

The crisis lines provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to people of all ages, including children and young people, who need urgent mental health support. You do not need to be known to their services to contact the crisis lines - they are available for both patients and public. Please be assured, anyone who dials the original local numbers will still reach their mental health crisis teams first time, without the need to be diverted. However, calls made to the original numbers will be charged.

For more information about the crisis lines and the range of support available, please visit:

Advice for the public Key messages

The updated summary public guidance can be found at: This includes the up to date guidance for shielded patients. The latest health advice for the public is available at: NHS England has confirmed that the ‘help us to help you’ campaign remains the key message for the public. This reminds the public that NHS services are open and to seek medical help and treatment when needed and not to wait. Handwashing and maintaining social distance continue to be the main messages promoted across NHS social media channels with an advertising campaign (including print and billboard media) running on the Test and Trace service.


NatWest Social & Community Capital Coronavirus Response Fund

Social & Community Capital is a charity funded and supported by NatWest in order to help social enterprises and community businesses

  • In response to the pandemic, Social and Community Capital are launching a £1 million Coronavirus Response Fund
  • They are offering grants of between £5,000 and £50,000 to organisations across the UK that employ people from vulnerable or disadvantaged groups.
  • These grants are unrestricted and can be used for any purpose, including core costs.
  • Applications will be open from Midday on Monday 22nd June 2020.
  • Applications will stay open for at least one week. It is hoped that applications will remain open for longer but may need to close after a week depending on how many applications they receive and if they reach their capacity, so applicants are encouraged to submit the application as soon as possible.

Click here to find out more


iCAN Information: Advertising Standards Agency launches new Scam Ad Alert

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) are launching a UK Scam Ad Alert system in partnership with the major digital advertising and social media platforms, to help tackle bogus ads that leave consumers out of pocket.  The new system will help get online paid-for scam ads taken down across multiple platforms. The Scam Ad Alert responds to ongoing concerns about online paid-for ads linking to fraudulent content. Many scam ads use false stories or doctored images of celebrities, and misleadingly imply those celebrities have endorsed the service.  Consumers can now Report Scam Ads appearing in paid-for space online to the ASA. The ASA will promptly send an alert to all participating platforms with key details of the scam ad, as well as to publishers when the ad appeared on a publisher owned site.

iCAN Warning: Telephone banking scam

Halton Trading Standards has been notified that residents in the Borough have been receiving automated telephone calls claiming to be from their bank. The calls claims to be urgent, as a foreign bank transaction is about to take place for £670. The message then goes on to state the transaction is being held for 15 minutes, and the resident should press ‘1’ to continue.  Do not press ‘1’ this is a scam, simply hang up.  Residents should be alert to any similar scenarios and giving away their personal details and/or banking details.

If you or somebody you know has been caught out by a scam or fraud please contact one of our specialist officers, Linda or Sue on 0151 511 8785 or 0151 511 8775, who are already working with people in Halton who have lost thousands of pounds to scams.

If you need advice on anything else please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline  or 0808 223 1133


Job Vacancies Halton & St Helens VCA

  1. (Temporary) Volunteering Services Officer, Part time 21 hours funded until 31st March 2021

Salary: £11,663 (9 months), 26 days holiday plus bank holidays pro rata

We are looking for someone who can provide an operational and development role supporting the work of our Volunteer Centre.  This will be a temporary post until 31st March 2021 with the possibility of seeking further funding.

Duties include:  Developing and promoting the benefits and profile of volunteering across Halton and St Helens working with local people and organisations.  Applicants need to have experience of working with volunteers and partnership working with a variety of organisations have good IT skills and be proficient with Social Media as a platform for engagement.

  1. (Temporary) Volunteering Coordinator WHHT, Part time 28 hours funded until 31st March 2021, 

Salary: £15,550 (9 months), 26 days holiday plus bank holidays pro rata

We are looking for someone who can provide a development role supporting our work in engaging volunteers with Warrington & Halton Teaching Hospital NHS Trust.  This will be a temporary post until 31st March 2021 with the possibility of seeking further funding.

Duties include:  Supporting the development of volunteering within the Trust, supporting staff in the supervision and management of volunteers; promoting volunteering; delivering training

You will need to have experience in working with volunteers and a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office, CRM systems and Volunteer management platforms to be able to manage competing demands and prioritise workloads. 

You can download a Job description and application form from our website links below.

Volunteering Services Officer

Volunteering Coordinator WHHT

The closing date for applications is midday on Friday 26th June 2020, with interviews taking place on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd July 2020.


Home Truths: Undoing racism and delivering real diversity in the charity sector

ACEVO has published their final report from its Making Diversity Count project which is in collaboration with Voice4Change England.  The report - 'Home Truths: Undoing racism and delivering real diversity in the charity sector' - does not ask if there is a problem with ‘race’ equity in the charity sector. It has long been known that there is an under-representation of BAME people working in the charity sector, and that under-representation is worse in senior leadership roles. Instead, this report looks to reframe the ‘diversity’ debate, saying that racism is a significant and unresolved issue in the charity sector just as it is in the rest of society.

Download the report here.


Tackling loneliness among migrant and ethnic minority groups

New research published to tackle loneliness among migrant and ethnic minority groups

A cross-faculty team from the University of Sheffield has collaborated with colleagues from Brunel and De Montfort Universities on a major new project focused on better understanding loneliness among migrant and ethnic minority groups.  Funded by the National Institute for Health Research’s public health research programme (NIHR PHR), the 18-month project aimed to identify successful approaches to reducing loneliness among these social groups.  Click here to read more and download a graphic booklet 


If you have volunteering requirements please register them here 

and also encourage people wanting to help out to do that safely by registering here 


Service Status Updates From Our Member Organisations

We have been sent a number of service status updates from our member organisations to let us know their current working practices during Covid-19.  The link to Halton Organisations is here and the link to St Helens organisations is here. If you have a service update that you would like to tell us about, please email and we will add your organisations details to our lists.


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