Coma along and have your say on GP services in Halton

A new GP Federation has been set up in Halton.  The Federation is a group of general practices working together within the local community.  As a result, the Federation believe this will give patients and local communities the health and social care services and outcomes they deserve.

The aim is to strengthen the capacity of practices, to develop new services out of hospital and to also ensure that all patients have access to the same level of care, no matter where they live in the Borough.

By working together, sharing knowledge and resources, our GP Practices can run more efficiently and improve the quality of services they provide.


The Federation’s vision is that the future health and social care system in Halton needs General Practice that puts the patient at the centre of everything they do and offers:

  • Accessible local care for everyone, when and where people need it the most;
  • Care continuity, because it’s proven that relationships between clinician and patient adds value and benefit to patients with long term conditions or on-going needs;
  • 24 hour services, with a single entry point regardless of the time of day or the day of the week;
  • Variable appointments lengths that meet the needs of every individual, because a standardised 10 minute rule doesn’t work for everyone;
  • The right staff seeing the right patients, utilising every staff member’s skills and knowledge;
  • Using alternative technology, embracing what’s available and delivering some services in new and innovative ways;
  • Community service developments delivered in partnership with our providers, ensuring patients get better access to services, in a more local setting;
  • A new workforce model, embracing, enhanced and sharing the skills, expertise and knowledge of a diverse workforce, developed alongside the new service delivery model; and
  • Well-developed integrated community teams, wrapped around a population, working together to provide the very best services and support to our patients.

This is the vision and the Federation now want to talk with the people of Halton to make sure this is what you want too.  

If you’re interested in getting involved, Healthwatch Halton are hosting an event for the Federation at 7pm on Thursday 30th November at The Heath Business & Technical Park, Runcorn

To book a place on the event, please contact Julie Doyle at Healthwatch Halton on 0300 777 6543 or register online using the button below.

Please note that spaces are very limited.

Eventbrite - GP Health Connect Event

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