Charity Commission & UK Finance Anti-Fraud Resources For Charities

Following Charity Fraud Awareness Week (19-23 October), the Charity Commission and UK Finance have published a suite of resources to support charities to protect themselves from fraud during the pandemic. They are warning trustees and donors to strengthen their defences as it fears the pandemic has created environments that are enabling charity fraud.

Charities have reported being victims of fraud or cybercrime 645 times since the start of the pandemic in March, amounting to £3.6 million in total losses to charities. The true scale of fraud against charities is believed to be much higher, as fraud is known to be underreported.

The regulator is concerned that remote working and virtual activities and sign-off processes, combined with charities’ tendencies to place goodwill and trust in individuals, may make them especially vulnerable.

Charities can find free tools and advice via an online hub, and are urged to follow the regulator’s 3 top tips in the fight against fraud:

1. Be fraud aware

  • All organisations are at risk from fraud – being a charity is no defence
  • Be vigilant - in order to fight fraud, you need to find fraud
  • Be sure your trustees, staff and volunteers know how to spot and report fraud

2. Take time to check

  • Ensure your charity has robust financial controls in place and knows how to enforce them
  • Is there a counter-fraud policy that staff and volunteers are signed up to?
  • Trust is exploited by fraudsters – be willing to challenge unusual activity and behaviour, whoever is involved

3. Keep your charity safe

  • Prevention really is better than cure - taking simple steps now will help protect your charity from harm
  • Building a strong counter-fraud culture is vital and will boost your charity’s defences
  • Help is available - seek professional advice if you need to
  • Some charities may not even know they have been defrauded

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