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Following the return to work announcements, the immediate reaction of many charities and voluntary organisations will be wanting to start providing services again from your offices as soon as possible. However, it is important that your building is equipped for reopening with safety measures in place. The current policies and risk assessments you have in place may no longer be sufficient and may need to be adapted and changed.

To support you with this, BHIB Charities Insurance have created a FREE ‘Charity Reopening Checklist’ and a ‘General Workplace Risk Assessment’ which we hope you will find useful. We have detailed them both below with links to download them for free.

COVID-19 – Charity Recovery/Reopening Health, Safety & Fire Checklist/Risk Assessment

This checklist aims to list some of the key issues that charities and voluntary organisations should consider prior to reopening. It should facilitate charities in reviewing your internal policies, risk assessments and safe systems of work to make sure they are still relevant, as well as ensure the charity has considered how staff and volunteers will return to work safely.

Download the Checklist here: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Business Recovery/Re-opening – Health, Safety & Fire Checklist/Risk Assessment

COVID-19 – General Workplace Risk Assessment

This generic Risk Assessment aims to support charities getting back to their regular place of work. It is not likely to cover all scenarios and each charity should consider their own unique circumstances. Much more specific assessments may look quite different although many of the principles will still be relevant.

Download the Risk Assessment here: COVID-19 - General Workplace Risk Assessment

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