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Introducing Co-Op Member Pioneer – Sandra Roscoe appointed to work with the Elton Head Road Coop in Sutton Heath, St Helens, Merseyside. Read more about how Sandra can help you get more from Co-Op including funding.

The Coop's Local Community Fund supports causes near you. If you’re part of a local cause or know one that would benefit from funding, let them know.

Coop Member Pioneer – Sandra Roscoe

"As one of a number of Coop Member Pioneers across the country I have recently been appointed to work with the Elton Head Road Coop in Sutton Heath, St Helens, Merseyside.

I have had many years experience of working and supporting local community groups. My role has always been to build upon their resilience and find ways of strengthening relationships with other community groups and public sector bodies such as the local authority, public health, schools and the emergency services.  As a Coop Member Pioneer my role is to build and develop connections between members of the Coop, local community groups and the store in Elton Head Road. I am very much looking forward to working with local charities, community groups, and local causes in terms of building on relationships and encouraging feedback from community groups, and Coop Members on what is important to them in their local community.

I look forward to hearing from local communities and what their thoughts are in terms of what’s happening in the area, and supporting their needs wherever possible. Together we can look to develop a local community plan on activities that will bring local groups, Coop members and the local store even closer together. 

Local Groups and Coop members can email me to find out more about my role and how we can work together on"

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